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Bridging the healthcare gap with digital dispensaries

Only 26% of India’s doctors are situated in rural areas, where 66% of the population lives; this leaves 600 million people with little or no access to healthcare. To bridge this gap, Tara Urja has partnered with Glocal Healthcare Systems to set up ‘digital dispensaries’ in the villages of Bheldi and Derni in Bihar.

These digital dispensaries use technology - videoconferencing, clinical decision support system, e-prescription, electronic medical records with medical device data integration, and monitoring and analytics - to ensure patients get the right treatment, even without the physical presence of the doctor. These dispensaries also have the facilities to carry out various tests, including blood pressure, ECG, laryngoscopy, otoscopy, dermascopy, and immunological and biochemistry tests.

Glocal Healthcare Systems also offers tertiary health care to digital dispensary patients at its speciality hospitals in nearby districts.