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Micro-enterprise Development Programs

Pellet Manufacturing

Replacing coal with pellets

In 2015, Prakash Singh Khushwaha left his job in Uttar Pradesh’s Sohnwa village. He had done some market research on the feasibility of replacing the coal, which fuelled local furnaces, with pellets. He had found that all the raw materials for pellets, like sawdust, leaves, rice bran and mustard cake, were available locally. Even a constant supply of electricity was available, thanks to Tara Urja.

So, he left his job, and with Tara Urja’s help, set up a 7.5 HP pellet manufacturing unit. Today, he produces 150 kg of pellets per day, at a profit of up to INR 8,000 per month. He also generates employment for three people, converts bio-waste into high-value fuel, and provides an alternative fuel source for local furnaces.